Evil Twin PR is a devilishly good public relations agency comprising a team of honest, creative, hardworking and passionate individuals.

Evil Twin PR was created to provide the level of service, honesty, care, and results that seemed to be lacking across a great deal of traditional agencies. This approach has seen Evil Twin PR become an extension of our clients’ businesses, and the go-to for all things communications – and that’s a privilege that we do not take for granted.

A big part of the reason we have such great relationships with our clients is our commitment to always being honest and transparent in our communications. The other part is because we are equally committed to achieving results above and beyond expectations.

Our clients love Evil Twin because they know that our focus is on them – on their brand, and on getting that brand in front of the eyes, ears and into the hands of their target markets.

They also know that we will be honest about what is likely to work – or not work – when it comes to their particular story and getting it into the media.