Case Studies



Evil Twins know that there’s a lot more to beauty than a pretty face, which is why we’re so good at beauty PR. We know that when pitching to the media, beauty products and professionals require constant innovation – we think outside the square to present new angles and ideas to editors when a product is no longer new, deliver exciting mailers when a product is new, and engage all relevant media with targeted angles to suit their audience.

What We Did

We pride ourselves on seeing our clients in the beauty and lifestyle pages of glossies month in and month out. But we don’t just rely on that – we’ve secured TV coverage for our beauty clients, hooked them up with relevant event and fashion week partners to secure styling opportunities, and gained access to events for sampling opportunities for them.

We regularly launch new products into the market and we’ve launched new beauty brands into the country – with consistently beautiful results. We’ve even PR’ed a beauty magazine to other magazines, how’s that for creative!

The beautiful beauty clients we have had the pleasure of working with include:

  • Schwarzkopf Professional
  • Indola
  • Dario Cotroneo
  • SachaJuan
  • Liz Jones
  • Bella Media

Sample Coverage