On Cloud 9

Here at Evil Twin PR, we love our clients. And we don’t just say that – we really do. We have a broad range of clients from a whole host of industries and our ability to achieve great results for all of them not only demonstrates how good we are (props to us! LOL) but it also keeps work interesting. Every day, we get to work across a great range of clients, and speak to a great range of media.

One such client to recently float our boats has got to be Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe in Newtown. Seriously, who wouldn’t get excited about a cafe dedicated to chocolate? The only downside is that writing about all of their sweet treats and looking at images of their AH-MAZING menu items isn’t exactly great for one’s willpower and self-imposed rule to only eat fruit as snacks…..there’s fruit in gelato though, right?

Cloud 9 Chocolate Cafe has seriously put us on Cloud 9, and with Valentine’s Day just recently passing on through, we got to do a super fun stunt with locals demonstrating their chivalry to get free gelato sliders. Om nom nom.

I think we’re in love.